Referral Partnership

Expand your business when you become with the Orange Merchant referral partnership. Orange Merchant offers an enticing referral program. We pay the residual fees on all debit and check card purchase transactions for every merchant referred through our referral partnership.

With Orange Merchant, your business is able to deliver dependable and secure merchant services to your customers. Accepting many different forms of payment increases your business and possible sales.

With the Orange Merchant referral partnership program you benefit from joint marketing campaigns, in depth reporting, revenue sharing, and more!

Program Highlights

Added income: Our referral program offers 40% of net revenue for our payment services referral partners.

Easy and effortless: Referring a customer is an easy and effortless way to generate extra income. You provide the referral and we take care of the rest!

Peace of mind: Reliable and around the clock, we provide 24/7 customer support, so you know your referrals are taken care of.

UNLIMITED AND ONGOING UPSIDE: The monthly residual income from ERP has not limits and continues indefinitely as long as the referral relationship exists.

Seamless integration: Orange Merchant's payment solutions play nicely with most 3rd party software products, easily streamline their business processes.

START TODAY! Contact us become appointed. Work your circle of influence today to find out who accepts credit/debit cards. Ask for the opportunity to provide an obligation-free cost analysis with Orange Merchant.