Gift Crads

An easy way to generate new customers and increase business sales.

High quality custom design giving your business a distinguished presence in the market place.

Free advertising. Your company’s logo and marketing message is printed on every gift card sold. This is a form of advertising that your customers carry in their wallet or purse every day.

Reduced labor and administrative costs. Paper gift certificates are difficult to handle, process, and reconcile. Gift cards are easily stored, issued, and tracked. Transaction times are faster than any other exchange medium, just swipe the card to complete the purchase.

Reduced loss from theft and fraud. Paper certificates are easily copied or altered. They are susceptible to theft, and must be kept secured, like cash. Gift cards have no value until they are activated, have a unique ID number, and are not susceptible to duplication.

Reduced loss from returns. When a customer returns merchandise, you have the option of offering a refund in the form of a gift card, ensuring that the value of the return stays with your business.

Unlimited transactions for a low fixed cost. The ability to process the gift cards an unlimited number of times. 

Gift Card Statistics

  • 65% of Americans purchased or received a gift card in the past year
  • On average 17.8% of all money spent on the purchase of gift cards for small and medium size business never gets redeemed!
  • On average, customers spend 60 percent more than the amount put on the gift card


Sell it as a Gift Card, Give it away as a Loyalty Card