Cash Advance

Orange Merchant provides quick and uncomplicated working capital to you - the business owner

Let us know how much cash you would like to be advanced, then we review your request based on your average credit card processing business. Once you are approved, you sign the paperwork and the cash is sent ASAP.

After you have your money, we deduct a predetermined percentage from your daily Visa® and MasterCard® receipts until the agreed amount is paid back.

Ready to get the cash you need to grow your business?

  • Why a Cash Advance?
  • Much faster access to cash than the hassle of a loan
  • No personal guarantee required
  • No fees or penalty for extended payback period
  • Much more liberal policies than any bank product
  • No hidden costs of fees
  • No collateral needed

Program Overview

A Merchant Cash Advance is a funding product that can provide quick and uncomplicated working capital to you - the business owner. You sell a specific amount of your business' future credit and debit card receivables (at a discount) in exchange for cash you can use for whatever your business may need.

Once approved, a lump sum of cash is deposited into your business checking account. The collection process is automatically handled by your business' credit card processors. As each day's credit and debit card transactions are settled (batched), a specific percentage is forwarded and applied to the remaining Merchant Cash Advance balance.

Because a set percentage of credit and debit card receipts are forwarded, your card-sales volume determines the amount of each payment. There are no inflexible monthly payment amounts, and no possibility of missed or late payments and their associated penalties.

Our Merchant Cash Advance (merchant account credit card)is a proven, trusted way for you to get quick money for your business needs. You decide how to spend the money, whether it is for renovation, marketing/advertising, taxes or payroll, handling the cost of emergencies, or growth strategies. There is low documentation, and no personal collateral is required. There are no application fees and no hidden charges.

Key Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance
  • The money is unsecured. If your business slows down or closes due to no fault of your own - your personal assets, including your home, are safe.
  • It is NOT a loan. It is the sale of an asset. Therefore, it does not show up on your credit report as an outstanding credit obligation and does not hinder your ability to obtain credit down the road.
  • No fixed monthly payments. Most small businesses experience fluctuations in their cash flow and a rigid, fixed payment schedule can be challenging. Because our repayments are structured as a percentage of your daily Visa® and MasterCard® sales, your payments rise and fall with your sales volume - we get paid when you get paid!


How it Works

From start to finish, the entire process of a Merchant Cash Advance is just 4 easy steps

  1. Applying- You submit a quick application form. A funding specialist will contact you directly to complete the qualification process. Verification includes a number of simple facts about your business and it’s operations.
  2. Transacting- Upon qualification, you will agree to allow a specific percentage of your business’ future card sales to be forwarded as they are settled. In exchange, you will receive a lump sum of working capital into your business’ checking account and you decide how to spend the money on your business.
  3. Forwarding- As each day’s card sales are settled, a specific percentage is automatically forwarded by the business’ credit card processor. This percentage is fixed, so each dollar amount forwarded reflects your daily credit and debit card sales volume.
  4. Completing-Forwarding stops automatically when the total amount of card sales your business sold has been forwarded - usually in less than 12 months (depending on card sales volume).
Our Commitment To You

We are committed to following "Best Practices" relating to both the Merchant Cash Advance and Credit Card Processing industries.

Our primary goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients by analyzing the return on investment potential of each advance. A cash advance is not right for every business and every situation, and our goal is to help potential clients decide if it is a smart decision for their business.

As part of our commitment to you, we will never charge any type of broker fee, application fee, or other miscellaneous surcharges as part of our funding programs. We recognize the cost of this money represents a significant investment and charging these types of add-on fees runs counter to our goal of becoming a trusted advisor to your business.